[patch] Fix listview scrolling

Paul Rupe prupe at myrealbox.com
Sat Oct 5 11:59:17 CDT 2002

This patch fixes some problems related to keyboard scrolling in listviews.  
First, pressing Home incorrectly put the third or fourth item at the top of 
the view rather than the first.  Second, PgDn would usually scroll down an 
extra row so that the selected item became the second from the bottom instead 
of the very bottom.  Lastly, I'm pretty sure there should be separate 
nPartialAdjust variables for horz and vert scrolling.  Dimitrie, feel free to 
look over this and make sure I didn't misunderstand anything you did.

Patch is relative to Dimitrie's Listview K10 patch.

File: dlls/comctl32/listview.c
  Paul Rupe <prupe at myrealbox.com>
  Fix inaccurate listview scrolling with PgUp/Down and Home/End keys

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