DOS DPMI32, interrupt handlers in 32-bit code

Jukka Heinonen jhei at
Sun Oct 6 23:34:31 CDT 2002

> I tried your patch on the latest CVS.
> This doesn't compile at the moment, complaining about FARPROC48 :

That is strange because memory/instr.c seems to include miscemu.h
and patched miscemu.h provides type FARPROC48. I guess I have to go 
through the patch once more and see if there is something missing.

Anyway, I guess the patch should not be applied before I have time to
see how 16-bit interrupts work in DPMI32 when user has set a custom
protected mode interrupt handler. At least the normal DPMI32 interrupt
handlers can be called using both 16 and 32 bit interrupts and
I just started to wonder if DPMI32 is supposed to provide 16->32
relays for user handlers. And DPMI documentation is really
vague on whether the user handlers should exit using iret or iretd.

So, Alexandre, please don't apply this patch to wine CVS.

Jukka Heinonen <>

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