RPC Merge (B_PL2)

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Wed Oct 9 00:57:45 CDT 2002

OK, getting more hairy by the hour....  This one includes one of the
nasty #defines that I swore I wouldn't impose on you, Alexandre.
I started to make it into an inline, but it ended up looking like a pretty 
significant  re-org of the code and I got scared that I was breaking some 
subtle hack for the non-i386 case...  so I put it back to just about 
exactly how I got it in the first place.  Anyways this one isn't /quite/ 
as bad as the others, and is kind of logical in its own way... perhaps
it should remain, at least until there are some existing tests to break.

From Jürgen Schmied's RPC patches.
Minor changes may exist between this and the original 
patch but it's intended to be basically the same stuff.



* dlls/rpcrt4: rpcrt4.spec, cproxy.c (new), cpsf.h (new), Makefile.in: 
  Ove Kaaven <ovek at transgaming.com>
- IUnknown_[QAR]_Proxy implementations, VTbl construction,
  the dreaded ObjectStubless, and other proxy-related goodies.


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