this is it: RPC Merge (D_PL0)

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Sat Oct 12 14:17:48 CDT 2002

This should be about the last of the stuff from Ove's partial RPC
implementation.  I'm not sure this should, or will, go in as-is, as
it includes the controversial wineserver portions.

From Jürgen Schmied's RPC patches.
Minor changes may exist between this and the original 
patch but it's intended to be basically the same stuff.



* dlls/rpcrt4: rpcrt4.spec,, rpc_epmap.c (new);
  server:, trace.c, request.h, protocol.def, 
  rpc_epmap.c (new): Ove Kåven <ovek at>
- implement RpcEpRegisterA, RpcEpResolveBinding, and 
- extend the wineserver to do endpoint mapping

Notes on this:

So far, I've tested the "hello world" example from the latest
Platform SDK (compiled native).  The server bumps
up against the lack of a RpcMgmtWaitServerListen() function:

greg at yodull midled $ wine hellos.exe
fixme:win32:PE_CreateModule Security directory ignored
RpcServerUseProtseqEp returned 0x0
RpcServerRegisterIf returned 0x0
Calling RpcServerListen
fixme:ole:RpcServerListen can't wait yet
RpcServerListen returned: 0x0

The client fails due to the stubby RPCRT4_NdrClientCall2,
and raises some exception:

greg at yodull midled $ wine -- helloc -n
fixme:win32:PE_CreateModule Security directory ignored
RpcStringBindingCompose returned 0x0
pszStringBinding = ncacn_np:[\pipe\hello]
RpcBindingFromStringBinding returned 0x0
Calling the remote procedure 'HelloProc'
Print the string 'hello, world' on the server
fixme:ole:RPCRT4_NdrClientCall2 (0x4020c2,0x406f2d90,...)
Runtime reported exception 0xc0000005 = -1073741819
RpcStringFree returned 0x0
RpcBindingFree returned 0x0

Not sure I'm even using the right transport ("\pipe\hello" looks
about right tho), I've just begun to play with it... nevertheless,
here you are.  I'll do a final audit of the patches to make sure 
nothing was left out from the originals.  Barring that, further 
work will attempt to start filling in these gaps, extend widl to
provide for RPC needs, and establish some meaningful tests,
or at least that's the direction I'd like to head in if I prove 
sufficiently competent :)

Any advice, help, tips, harsh criticism, or kind words would be
appreciated.  Have fun,


"It has been well said that really up-to-date liberals
do not care what people do, as long as it is compulsory."

-George F. Will
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