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Malte Starostik malte at
Wed Oct 16 04:26:36 CDT 2002


reaktivate now sets up its own WINEPREFIX to avoid problems with different or 
non-existing wine configurations. On first run, I currently display a message 
"Building font database. Please wait...". The attached patch allows for 
proper progress info during this step. IMHO it's generally useful both for 
commandline use as well as any possible GUI frontend that runs wine the first 

$t='char|short|int|long|void';%m=qw(U "unsigned\040$3" W "w$3_t");while(<>)
{/#define UNICODE/and$m{T}=$m{W};s/\b(LP)?([UWT])?($t)\b/lc(eval$m{$2}||$3)
.($1?'*':'')/gei;print;}print"/* Cleaned by Malte's WinAPI sanitizer */\n";
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