Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Thu Oct 24 01:28:30 CDT 2002



* dlls/rpcrt4: ndr_marshall.c, ndr_midl.c, ndr_misc.h, 
    rpcrt4_main.c, ndr_stubless.c;
  include: rpcndr.h, wine/rpcfc.h: 
  Greg Turner <gmturner007 at ameritech.net>
- make explicit some missing include dependencies
- Implement NdrGetBuffer, NdrFreeBuffer,
  NdrConformantStringBufferSize and NdrConformantStringMarshall
- define the RPC_FC_C_CSTRING constant
- perhaps I don't want those MIDL_*_FORMAT_STRING structs, 
  after all. removed.
- add RPC todo list
- MIDL_STUB_MESSAGE.uFlags aren't.
- comment out the NdrClientCall2 mock-up since that stuff is in
  the process of being implemented and might cause problems.


"Oh, and of course, the fastest way to dig
 a tunnel is to dig at both sides."
   -- The Linux Advanced Routing HOWTO
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