rpc_G_PL6 (codename: w00t!)

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Sun Oct 27 22:37:37 CST 2002

This is it folks.  Fixed a stupid bug (forgot to copy the terminating '\0'), and
the @#%^* thing works.  Strings marshall across the wire (only ncalrpc),
and come out the other end.  The client exits cleanly.  Even the 
"-x" argument to the MSDN Interop example client successfully invokes
RpcMgmtServerStopListening (which is unimplemented and crashes the
server).  Multiple invocations of the client work fine, just like in Windows.

How !%&*%@ cool is that !?!?

Next I shall:
  o Implement RpcMgmtServerStopListening (duh)
  o Create a test
  o Figure out if I'm leaking RAM (I think I am) and plug it.

Then it /really/ starts to get interesting.

I have some questions about this latter task (the test), see my (forthcoming)
email on wine-devel.

w00t!! (I told you I would "w00t"; you /were/ warned...)



* dlls/rpcrt4/ndr_marshall.c: Greg Turner <gmturner007 at ameritech.net>
- more comments and comment-cleanup
- attempt to implement NdrConformantStringMemorySize
- fix NdrConformantStringUnMarshall
- w00t!


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