Bug #321: dlls/msvct/vf[w]printf functions (Patch 2)

Jaco Greeff jaco at puxedo.org
Mon Oct 28 12:47:13 CST 2002

I'm not sure if I should send the whole patch or just do increments for the
new stuff. At this point it is everything, including cleanups of the test
case and use of correct WideCharToMultiByte as suggested by Dimitri. In
additions the configure.ac patch for the dlls/msvcrt/tests/Makefile.in is added.

As always, comments are very welcome to get this thing bedded down finally.
Anyways, here we go:

* dlls/msvcrt/vfprintf.c, dlls/msvcrt/Makefile.in,
dlls/msvcrt/tests/printf.c, dlls/msvcrt/tests/Makefile.in, configure.ac:
Jaco Greeff
<jaco at puxedo.org>
- Full implementation to allow for %C & %S in all printf related functions
- Test case for the printf functions to test all known cases of formatting
(test case based on example found on MSDN site)
- Implemented WideCharToMultiByte where appropriate
- Added new file dlls/msvcrt/tests/Makefile to configure.ac

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