Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Tue Oct 29 14:42:14 CST 2002

Now RpcMgmtStopServerListen /almost/ does the right thing, except a 
w-thread is left hanging (the unix process is in "suspended" state, 
haven't even looked into this yet), and //all other running wine 
processes freak out (hang) for some reason//.  Maybe I just need to 
implement RpcServerUnregisterIf; but if that's the problem, there's a 
robustness deficiency (no surprise there, considering the largely 
untested status of the code).

Needless to say, be careful if you want to experiment with this 
patchlevel's RPC capabilities, you /will/ loose your other wine 
processes permanently (until you kill them off).



* dlls/rpcrt4:
    ndr_marshall.c, rpc_binding.c, rpc_server.c, rpcrt4.spec;
  Greg Turner <gmturner007 at ameritech.net>
- fix offset bug in the conformant string unmarshall routine
- fix discrepancy between headers and implementation of
  I_RpcBindingSetAsync when compiling under WINNT
- eliminate race conditions in the relationship between "listen_count"
  and "std_listen" in rpc_server.h
- code-stubs for RpcServerUnregisterIf, RpcServerUnregisterIfEx
- attempt to implement RpcMgmtStopServerListening (definitely not
  happy just yet).
- RpcServerUnregisterIfEx wasn't xp-sepcific after all; this leads me to
  suspect there are more such mistakes in the spec-file comments, but I
  haven't looked into it or fixed them yet (coming soon).
- cleanups, trace-enhancements, etc.


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