dlls/msvcrt: vfprintf.c (Patch 6)

Jaco Greeff jaco at puxedo.org
Thu Oct 31 10:44:25 CST 2002

Here is the latest incarnation of the printf family of functions. At this
point I'm happy to report that the Microsoft extentions do work and that
there are both ASCII and Unicode implementations (A & W) that does output in
the right format. (Patch for test case submitted.)

Outstanding issues: currently the fwprintf function is working, but the
implementation is not fully correct for all cases. To print out
fwprintf("%s", wszStr), the string is converted to ASCII before being
printed as Unicode. This is not the best approach and this double conversion
should be avoided. (We should print the wide string
directly.) The fprintf implementation is complete and works in cases where
the current version fails. (Same with the vwfprintf version, altough it will
be extended to cater for the above issue.) All in all, this version will
pass the full test, the current one not.


* dlls/msvcrt/Makefile.in, dlls/msvcrt/vfprintf.c: Jaco Greeff <jaco at puxedo.org>
- Full implementation of fprintf functions with Microsoft extentions

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