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Patrik Stridvall ps at
Sat Sep 7 11:42:12 CDT 2002

As you probably know Microsoft released some information
as part of the settlement.

As of Microsoft SDKs August 2002 there is a brand new
header called winternl.h that contains a part of the
relased information.

While the information in itself isn't very useful it
is an offical header we should IMHO have in Wine.

Unfortunetly it can't be included at the same time
as ntdef.h and ntddk.h because it partly defines the
same information.

Now, I have the full Microsoft SDK August 2002 contains
over 1000 .h files!!! But ntdef.h and ntddk.h is not
among them. They doesn't seem to be offical headers or
at least not any more.

So I'm a little unsure on how the headers should be organised.
winternl.h contains to little information to fully replace
ntdef.h/ntddk.h in fact in some cases of the enums in winternl.h
is incomplete but the full enum exists in ntddk.h!!!

Futhermore some of the functions and data structures in ntddk.h
is defined in no header in the offical Microsoft SDKs!!!

While we probably should include winternl.h because its an offical
header I'm a little unsure on how or whether we should use it
ourselves and what we should do with ntdef.h/ntddk.h. 

Any suggestions?


*** winternl

* include/winternl.h:
Added the new header winternl.h that was released
by Microsoft as part of the settlement.

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