Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Tue Apr 1 09:37:58 CST 2003

> That sounds awfully much like the already pretty well-known Win9x vs. NT
> incompatibility in file not found GetLastError values.

Awwww suckage. I thought that fix was too easy. File not found
differences are new to me. Well I have a little test case for this, I'll
email it home and find out what it returns on Win98.

If so, then, how do you find out what version of windows we're supposed
to be emulating, so I can adjust the return value accordingly?

> Please make sure this is indeed what we should do; I really think
> you'd break some Win9x programs when simply doing such a general replacement.

Hmm, well, the old value appeared to break some NT programs.

> As such, I suspect you did not "Correct" the error code returned;
> instead, you only fixed it "to please the other half" of Windows programs.
> ;-)

Right. So we need to change the return value depending on the setting of

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