support CJK text copy from wine to KDE and vice versa (again)

liu spider liuspider at
Tue Apr 8 22:04:37 CDT 2003

This patch seems to be ignored. I submit it again.
Or could anyone give some clues on how to improve it?

When copy text from wine to KDE programs, I only got
unreadable characters and vice versa. This patch
solves this.

- dlls/x11drv/clipboard.c
  Add support for QT's "text/plain" property to
support for copying CJK text from KDE programs to
  In X11DRV_CLIPBOARD_CacheDataFormats, exit for loop
after getting the first recognized format;
  Remove unused variable lRequestLength.
- dlls/x11drv/event.c
  Add COMPOUND_TEXT property for STRING additionally
to support for copying CJK text from wine to KDE programs.

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