let "make htmlpages" produce documentation

thomas.mertes at gmx.at thomas.mertes at gmx.at
Tue Apr 15 02:39:32 CDT 2003


Nobody seems to be looking at the documentation
produced by "make htmlpages" (nobody complained).
Since the last change in the spec files (without exported
name) the documentation pages of the dlls contain no link
to the function descriptions. This is fixed with this patch.

Btw. the documentation system is great, but I think that only a few
people know that it exists. To start it (according to Jon Griffiths):

Run ./configure, make htmlpages, point your browser at
documentation/html/index.html, then immediately start sending
patches for documentation glitches :-)

The interesting dlls (with many docomented functions) are
shlwapi.dll and ntdll.dll.

IMHO the "make htmlpages" documentation of the latest release
should also be accessible in winehq.

Greetings Thomas


	* tools/c2man.pl:
	Thomas Mertes <thomas.mertes at gmx.at>
	Change c2man that it works with the new
	format of the spec files (without exported name).

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diff -urN old_wine-20030408/tools/c2man.pl new_wine-20030408/tools/c2man.pl
--- old_wine-20030408/tools/c2man.pl	Sat Mar 15 20:45:48 2003
+++ new_wine-20030408/tools/c2man.pl	Tue Apr 15 01:12:38 2003
@@ -249,6 +249,10 @@
         $implementation_name = $exported_name;
+      if ($implementation_name eq "")
+      {
+        $implementation_name = $exported_name;
+      }
       # Add indices for the exported and implementation names
       $spec_details->{EXPORTED_NAMES}{$exported_name} = $spec_details->{NUM_EXPORTS};
       if ($implementation_name ne $exported_name)

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