Fix alignment in MF test alignment

Warren_Baird at Warren_Baird at
Wed Feb 5 17:34:27 CST 2003


     Save the ext alignment information in a 8-bytes metarecord as it should be.


     Call MFDRV_MetaParam2 instead of MFDRV_MetaParam1 in MFDRV_SetTextAlign to
     save the text alignment record in a Windows metafile because that's
     the way it's done on Windows.

Warren Baird : Warren_Baird at
Xavier Servettaz

diff -ur clean/wine/dlls/gdi/mfdrv/dc.c wine/dlls/gdi/mfdrv/dc.c
--- clean/wine/dlls/gdi/mfdrv/dc.c Wed Jan 29 15:30:25 2003
+++ wine/dlls/gdi/mfdrv/dc.c  Fri Jan 31 15:46:56 2003
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@

 UINT MFDRV_SetTextAlign( PHYSDEV dev, UINT align )
-    return MFDRV_MetaParam1( dev, META_SETTEXTALIGN, (WORD)align);
+    return MFDRV_MetaParam2( dev, META_SETTEXTALIGN, HIWORD(align),

 INT MFDRV_SetBkMode( PHYSDEV dev, INT mode )

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