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Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sat Feb 15 23:53:25 CST 2003

This all started because I wanted to include the sample config file in 
the packagers Guide. After I had included the  config file I started 
cleaning up the file. It soon turned out that the diff was larger than 
100kb. The wine packagers was the largest sgml files in the 
documentation directory and I wanted to split it up because of this. The 
problem with this is that the documentation directory already has a 
large number of files already. So it struck me that it probably would be 
better to move the files to there own directory.  
It makes sense to me to have each of the guides each in there own 
directory and if all goes well I would like to do the same for the other 

Change Log: Split up the Packagers Guide and move it to its own 
directory.  Include the the sample config file

Files Changed: documentation/

Files Added:   documentation/packaging/preface.sgml
Files Removed: documentation/packaging.sgml


Tony Lambregts

PS:I have not inlined this patch since the resulting diff was still over 80kb.<g> 

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