PATCH: to implement toc and position shadowing in cdrom

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Feb 17 14:21:07 CST 2003

Waldeck Schutzer wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I followed your suggestions which greatly simplified the code. Thank 
> you. Now, since we are using the fixed-size windows TOC, memory 
> allocation is no longer an issue. Some of the sanity checks over dev 
> were removed. I also made an attemt at making the code more portable and 
> also fixed the BSD code. However, I couldn't find a seek function in the 
> BSD cd driver, so I used the play function instead. Is there a BSD 
> expert out there who could check this out? On the mcicda side, I 
> factored out that piece of code you suggested but because my box is 
> presently busy on a week-long calculation I couldn't run any tests on 
> Windows.

the code in cdrom.diff is still wrong. you cannot use the dev variable 
in most of the inner functions as an index in the cdrom_cache array.
the index you need is in fact the low word of client-id in 
I'd suggest that you change CDROM_Open to return a pointer to the 
relevant cdrom_cache structure instead of dev

mcicda.diff looks better now

Eric Pouech

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