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Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Mon Feb 24 06:58:27 CST 2003

While scouting around for an appropriate place to put the hint about the
existance of "wine control", I realised there wasn't a section that
dealt with the really basic things. I answer questions on and on IRC, and some of these things seem obvious to
us but to Wine newbies aren't. 

Because of that, I added a small "Basic Usage" section in the "Running
Wine" part of the users guide. It talks about installing and uninstall
apps, and how to access the control panel.

To be honest I'm not really happy with parts of the wine users guide, it
really does need an overhaul before 0.9 is out. For instance, the first
section presents Wine as simply a convenience to avoid the need for
rebooting, rather than focussing on the IMO more important fact that
it's an actual replacement for Windows, and can integrate apps nicely.

Anyway, this is just a starter patch. If nobody objects, I might go
through and rewrite some other parts of the users guide to be more in
alignment with the sort of questions I see (and get from friends) all
the time.


- Added a "basic usage" section that deals with installation, 	 
uninstallation and control panel applets to the "Running Wine" part of
the users guide.

thanks -mike

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>
QinetiQ - Malvern Technology Center
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