GlobalMemoryStatusEx and a fix for my last code patch

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Mon Feb 24 09:05:37 CST 2003

In future, I won't be so lazy and I'll actually run make when adding
simple stuff to a header :)

- Add a comma and fix the formatting in the OLECMDID patch (so ignore
the last one)
- Implement GlobalMemoryStatusEx()

FYI GlobalMemoryStatusEx is nearly identical to GlobalMemoryStatus
except for an extra field (which I didn't know what it was talking about
so it's set to zero) and minus a bug, so I just copy the values across
the structures.

This makes an MSI package not crash on startup.

License: LGPL only

thanks -mike

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>
QinetiQ - Malvern Technology Center
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