more direct sound capture fixes

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Feb 27 14:35:13 CST 2003

> wineoss.diff:
> Added more debugging code.
it really starts being ugly and inefficient
> Started work on direct sound capture driver.
> Tried to get wave driver to work better in full duplex mode.
> Capture works but playback has problems.
just a few questions:
- I don't think you need the enable_crst, do you ? I don't think the 
ioctl will be done in parallel anyway
- why do you need to change the message order ? you'd better in wave 
capture, when you run out of waveheaders try to process the pending 
messages (as we do in wave playback) before sending back an error, 
without reordering them


Eric Pouech

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