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Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Thu Jan 2 00:52:00 CST 2003

This patch should correct both problems.
1.) I believe the wrc command line opions changed slightly.  Used the 
    programs/winemine/Makefile ends up using.
2.) is being produced, while is expected
    by the winemine-hcs script. is now produced 
I made several other improvements as well, such as some paramaterization and
making the build rules match up more closely with those of wine itself.

  Several improvements and corrections to winemaker, foremost being
  correcting wrc flags and shared object file naming.

>From: Hans Christian Studt <hcstudt at>
>Problem 1
>I am trying to follow this discription on how to compile win32 source code 
>with the winelib
>The process generates a Makefile that is supposed to complie a
>ressource file e.g. winemine.rc with the wrc compiler, but winemaker adds a 
>'-L' option to the wrc compilwr that is does not recognize.
>I am using wine-20021219 on RedHat 8.0.
>It seems like a bug in winemaker.
>Problem 2
>When i try to run winemine I get this error
>(/user/usr/local/wine/programs/winemine-hcs) #./winemine-hcs 
>Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry for current working 
>directory /user/usr/local/wine/programs/winemine-hcs; starting in windows 
>/usr/local/bin/wine: cannot find 'winemine-hcs.exe'
>Any suggestions ?
>Hans Christian Studt  :  mailto:hc at
>.dk og W3C standarder :

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