authors.ent update

Tom Wickline twickline2 at
Tue Jan 14 03:48:49 CST 2003

This patch updates documentation authors e-mail addresses
and I added my e-mail address to the list.


update authors e-mail adresses
added my e-mail to the list

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Index: documentation/authors.ent
RCS file: /opt/cvs-commit/wine/documentation/authors.ent,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -r1.4 authors.ent
--- documentation/authors.ent	12 Nov 2002 02:14:29 -0000	1.4
+++ documentation/authors.ent	14 Jan 2003 09:13:41 -0000
@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@
 <!entity email-james-juran "juran at">
 <!entity name-ove-kaaven "Ove Kåven">
-<!entity email-ove-kaaven "ovek at">
+<!-- <!entity email-ove-kaaven "ovek at"> -->
+<!entity email-ove-kaaven "ovek at">
 <!entity name-eric-kohl "Eric Kohl">
 <!entity email-eric-kohl "ekohl at">
@@ -51,23 +52,27 @@
 <!entity name-marcus-meissner "Marcus Meissner">
 <!-- <!entity email-marcus-meissner "msmeissn at"> -->
-<!entity email-marcus-meissner "Marcus.Meissner at">
+<!-- <!entity email-marcus-meissner "Marcus.Meissner at"> -->
+<!entity email-marcus-meissner "marcus at">
 <!entity name-dustin-navea "Dustin Navea">
-<!entity email-dustin-navea "Speeddymon at">
+<!-- <!entity email-dustin-navea "Speeddymon at"> -->
+<!entity email-dustin-navea "Speeddymon at">
 <!entity name-bruce-milner "Bruce Milner">
 <!entity email-bruce-milner "">
 <!entity name-andreas-mohr "Andreas Mohr">
 <!-- <!entity email-andreas-mohr "a.mohr at"> -->
-<!entity email-andreas-mohr "amohr at">
+<!-- <!entity email-andreas-mohr "amohr at"> -->
+<!entity email-andreas-mohr "andi at">
 <!entity name-gerard-patel "Gerard Patel">
 <!entity email-gerard-patel "">
 <!entity name-dimitrie-paun "Dimitrie O. Paun">
-<!entity email-dimitrie-paun "dimi at">
+<!-- <!entity email-dimitrie-paun "dimi at"> -->
+<!entity email-dimitrie-paun "dpaun at">
 <!entity name-eric-pouech "Eric Pouech">
 <!entity email-eric-pouech "Eric.Pouech at">
@@ -91,7 +96,8 @@
 <!entity email-adam-sacarny "magicbox at">
 <!entity name-juergen-schmied "Juergen Schmied">
-<!entity email-juergen-schmied "juergen.schmied at">
+<!-- <!entity email-juergen-schmied "juergen.schmied at"> -->
+<!entity email-juergen-schmied "juergen.schmied at">
 <!entity name-john-sheets "John R. Sheets">
 <!entity email-john-sheets "jsheets at">
@@ -107,6 +113,9 @@
 <!entity name-jeremy-white "Jeremy White">
 <!entity email-jeremy-white "jwhite at">
+<!entity name-tom-wickline "Tom Wickline">
+<!entity email-tom-wickline "twickline2 at">
 <!-- *** Coders mentioned in docs, but not doc writers *** -->

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