int21.c GET SYSTEM TIME (fwd)

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Thu Jan 23 19:37:25 CST 2003

Good day!

Is there some reason this little patch fell into the bit bucket?
I have regenerated it against my copy of the current cvs so it should
apply cleanly.


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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:31:05 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: int21.c GET SYSTEM TIME

Good day!

According to the behavior of a little clock.exe MZ executable I have
(from WFW 3.11, I think) and also according to the intrlist/interrup.c
from the floppy in the back of an old Undocumented DOS book, we had the
hour and minute reversed.  This fixes it.



Change log:
	* dlls/winedos/int21.c:
	Lawson Whitney <whitnl73 at>
	Fix reversed hour and minute in int 21 ah=2c.

diff -urN was/dlls/winedos/int21.c is/dlls/winedos/int21.c
--- was/dlls/winedos/int21.c	Thu Jan 23 18:46:46 2003
+++ is/dlls/winedos/int21.c	Thu Jan 23 18:46:59 2003
@@ -793,8 +793,8 @@
             SYSTEMTIME systime;
             GetLocalTime( &systime );
-            SET_CL( context, systime.wHour );
-            SET_CH( context, systime.wMinute );
+            SET_CH( context, systime.wHour );
+            SET_CL( context, systime.wMinute );
             SET_DH( context, systime.wSecond );
             SET_DL( context, systime.wMilliseconds / 10 );


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