PATCH: Fix a bizzarre problem with mci

Waldeck Schutzer schutzer at
Tue Jan 28 23:16:49 CST 2003

After almost one day chasing this out, I finally managed to understand 
why some applications that rely on MCI fail to work by not finding some 
of the MCI resources, like it's string table of devices. Sorry to say 
this but, Arrrrrrrrrgh! How come an invalid char gets to one of the 
source files and the resource compiler, instead of giving an error, 
simply stops compiling right there! Yes, you heard me well, everithing 
after that point is ignored and simply does not go into the .res file. 
Oh, well... The attached patch should fix this one, but I think would be 
really nice (besides saving people a lot of debugging time) if someone 
went over wrc on this issue.


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