PATCH: Fixes problems with the cdrom driver not reporting certain data correctly

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Jan 30 13:52:02 CST 2003

Waldeck Schutzer wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I did some testing on Windows and while I don't have actual CD's of all 
> different standards what I got is always the same answer for those 
> fields I "hard-coded". Independently of the standard, in cooked mode the 
> frame size is supposed to be 2048, and that also seems to be the sector 
> size. I suppose that RAW access doesn't go through that driver anyway, 
> does it?
it does... look at CDROM_RawRead ;-)
I didn't tested it either with different CDs, but the comment I wrote in 
CDROM_RawRead is about the same question.
there's no doubt the 2048 is right for DATA CD, and likely also for CDDA.

Eric Pouech

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