Merge of WineX's (LGPL licensed) wininet.dll code

David Hammerton david at
Mon Jun 2 17:29:24 CDT 2003

Hi There,

This would be related to the open-ssl thing I did...

Basically rather than rewriting a bunch of wininet code, I wrote a layer 
around the winsock stuff so that it can easily switch between ssl and non-ssl 

The odd thing is in my WineX tree (where I do my development) that fixme isn't 
in InternetReadFile - theres now only one, and thats in InterneWriteFile...

Mike McCormack - is it possible this file (internet.c) didn't get merged 
Mike Hearn - check out the function 'InternetReadFile' at this URL and compare 
against your post-patched winehq version.

*few minutes later*

ok, so I checked out winehq cvs and applied the patch..
Mike McCormack - it looks like you merged the contents of InternetWriteFile 
into both InternetWriteFile and InternetReadFile.. I may be wrong (I just 
woke up)..

The FIXME in InternetWriteFile has no bad effect, things will still work (so 
long as you're not using HTTPS) - but in InternetReadFile, I have my doubts.



On Mon, 2 Jun 2003 23:32, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Well, I'm spending my fun afternoon trying to get IE to install in Wine
> (it breaks in a new and interesting way every time I try this).
> Before the patch, it didn't work, couldn't contact download sites. After
> the patch, it still doesn't work, and I get this fixme:
> fixme:wininet:InternetReadFile This shouldn't be here! We don't support
> this kind of connection anymore. Must use NETCON functions, especially
> if using SSL
> Which seems a bit of a bummer, if IE6 setup needs that type of
> connection I think we should still support it really......
> I think the problem might be lack of proxy workingness. Am investigating
> now. Would be nice to lift proxy details from the http_proxy variable in
> future....
> One last thing, the patch seemed to have a lot of whitespace no-ops,
> running diff with -bB should eliminate some.
> thanks -mike

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