First stab at NETWM system tray support

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Jun 4 16:59:15 CDT 2003

Known issues:

* It is ugly. I need to implement XSETTINGS
support so the background colour of the trayicon matches that of the
panel. This will only work on GNOME, unfortunately KDE doesn't implement
it yet.

* It is buggy. Having said that, while I'm sure my code isn't perfect,
the gnome tray applet seems rather buggy as well. I've seen apps be
given 1px allocations before, this happens to Wine sometimes. Also, for
some reason it occasionally fails to dock.

* It doesn't dock when a new tray applet is added. It can detect this,
and will TRY to dock, but due to either a bug in my code or Anders', the
dock fails.

* We still fall back to the old KDE protocol, which is a bit sucKy. In
particular there seems to be no way to figure out if the dock succeeded,
you just have to hope that the user is using KDE. At some point this
code needs to be deprecated, as otherwise there is no way to do things
for people with no system tray applet at all (many people).

* Long term Wine needs to be able to open its own "tray icon window" if
none is present in the system.

With that out the way, here is the patch.

Implement basic NETWM system tray support for Gnome2 and KDE 3.1
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