Merge of Reactos's regedit

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Thu Jun 5 11:31:59 CDT 2003

Mike McCormack wrote:

> This is a merge of the reactos regedit GUI implementation.  I've only 
> provide a tarball, as there's lots of new files, however I've tried to 
> keep the diff on existing files as small as possible.
> ChangeLog:
> * merge Reactos's regedit gui (by Robert Dickenson <robd at>)
A few notes on this merge. ATM the GUI functions are read-only except 
importing and exporting a file. You cannot modify the registry from the 
GUI. All of the command-line options still work thanks to Mikes fixes 
and there are still a few other minor things like the resource files 
need to be cleaned a little bit. If you see fit to go ahead and 
test/merge then I will cleanup the resource files when I get back in 
town next week. If not let us know any other things that need to be 
fixed before we can merge.


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