[DSHOW-01] Add Headers For DirectShow

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Jun 24 07:06:47 CDT 2003


This marks the start of a series of patches from me adding support for
DirectShow to Wine. This patch adds headers (both IDL and .h) required for
development to start on the rest of DShow, removes some clashing IID's from
uuids.h and fixes some compile warnings caused from the new headers
interacting with Lionel's existing work in the quartz directory.
Note that these headers are not complete at the moment, but I hope I've
added enough to keep me (and other volunteers?) busy for a while. In
particular axextend.idl only defines about a third of the stuff it should

Now a few apologies:
1. Sorry for the size of the patch
2. Sorry for it being compressed (it is over 300Kb uncompressed)
3. Lionel: Sorry for completely replacing your strmif.h!

- Add DShow headers
- Remove IID's defined in uuids.h that should only be in strmif.h
- Add needed const's in FilterGraph implementation

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