Enable titlebar buttons in winhelp

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Fri Oct 3 14:53:16 CDT 2003


I sent it already, but the patch was lost.  I strongly believe the patch
is correct.  Popup windows have their win_style set in
WINHELP_GetPopupWindowInfo(), but the main window doesn't have its
win_style set in the corresponding WINHELP_GetWindowInfo() function.
Windows without style have no buttons, which looks very confusing.

	* programs/winhelp/winhelp.c:
	Set win_style of the main window to WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW.

Pavel Roskin
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--- programs/winhelp/winhelp.c
+++ programs/winhelp/winhelp.c
@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ HLPFILE_WINDOWINFO*     WINHELP_GetWindo
             strcpy(mwi.caption, hlpfile->lpszTitle);
         mwi.origin.x = mwi.origin.y = mwi.size.cx = mwi.size.cy = CW_USEDEFAULT;
         mwi.style = SW_SHOW;
+        mwi.win_style = WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW;
         mwi.sr_color = mwi.sr_color = 0xFFFFFF;
     return &mwi;

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