Problem into the mail server ?

Hannu Valtonen Hannu.Valtonen at
Mon Oct 6 06:01:30 CDT 2003


The reason my mail "skipped" a few others is because I'm not subscribed 
to wine-patches. All of my posts need to go through a moderator.

After the moderator has accepted my posts they get to go to the mailing 
list but get a message id based on the time of acceptance. Hypermail on 
the other hand doesn't sort mail by that message id while creating a 
html page. It uses the time of arrival to create the view of the 
mailinglist. On the other hand, for its "next message", "previous 
message" etc features it uses that message id which was given when the 
moderator approved it.

- Hannu Valtonen
Hannu.Valtonen at
ps. I think I'll just subscribe to wine-patches and create some filters 
to shuffle the mail. No need to confuse the hell out of everybody. ;)

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