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Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Fri Oct 10 01:33:56 CDT 2003


As per Alexandre's suggestion, this patch changes to also
digit and compatability maps. Ligature expansion cannot be derived
from the 
data availble and will be hard coded (there are only 5 for ascii and
35 for 

It turns out that the generated maps can be shrunk by collapsing
ranges. this patch implements this optimisation also.

Note that XP is based on an earlier Unicode standard and so produces 
differrent results for some (160) new and changed code points in the
mappings. I have checked that Wines behavour in these cases is
correct wrt 
Unicode 4.0.


License: X11


  Jon Griffiths <jon_p_griffiths at>
    Add generation of digit and compatability mapping tables
    Generate smaller mapping tables by merging overlaps

    Regenerate with updated

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