SetShellWindow() and friends

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Mon Oct 13 15:05:20 CDT 2003

Hello Uwe,

I have merged the tests into dlls/user/tests/win.c and extended them a bit. I tried them on Win XP and on WIN 98 and had to see, there are some differencies between the operating systems. So a few tests are commented out with an apropiet comment. Now all active SetShellWindow tests are passing on real windows.

Btw: Are you aware of the fact, that some of the existing old tests have problems on WIN 98? I had to disable them to run the executable successfully, because it displays a "This program performed an illegal operation and will be shut down"-box.



>     Martin> cout << "first call to SetShellWindow(hwnd): " << (ret?
>     Martin> "SUCCESS": "FAILURE") << "\n";
> As plain C programm this could perhpas be included in out test suite...
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