MSVCRT_fopen passes random pmode with _O_CREAT

Pavel Roskin proski at
Wed Oct 22 00:16:40 CDT 2003


I have noticed what running lcclnk (from lcc-win32 compiler) under Wine
results in warnings like this:

fixme:msvcrt:MSVCRT__sopen : pmode 0x40340000 ignored

It happens when _open() is called from MSVCRT_fopen().  Indeed,
MSVCRT_fopen() always calls _open() with two arguments, even if it sets
_O_CREAT flag.

It should be OK to always use the 3-argument form.  The last argument
could be _S_IREAD | _S_IWRITE.  Files newly created by fopen() are
readable (all files are readable) and writable.  In fact, our
MSVCRT__sopen() implementation ignores pmode.

While debugging MSVCRT__sopen() I also discovered that it complains about
_O_WRONLY in a trace message.  The original core wrongly assumed that
_O_RDWR (2) covers _O_WRONLY (1), which is incorrect.  I added _O_WRONLY
and elevated the message to ERR - it's a very serious event if some open()
flags are unknown.

	* dlls/msvcrt/file.c:
	Make MSVCRT__sopen() complain louder about unknown oflags, but not
	about _O_WRONLY.
	MSVCRT_fopen() should pass third argument to _open() because it
	may set _O_CREAT.

Pavel Roskin
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--- dlls/msvcrt/file.c
+++ dlls/msvcrt/file.c
@@ -1005,8 +1005,8 @@ int MSVCRT__sopen( const char *path, int
   if (oflags & ~(_O_BINARY|_O_TEXT|_O_APPEND|_O_TRUNC|_O_EXCL
-                |_O_CREAT|_O_RDWR|_O_TEMPORARY|_O_NOINHERIT))
-    TRACE(":unsupported oflags 0x%04x\n",oflags);
+    ERR(":unsupported oflags 0x%04x\n",oflags);
   sa.nLength              = sizeof( SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES );
   sa.lpSecurityDescriptor = NULL;
@@ -1885,7 +1885,7 @@ MSVCRT_FILE* MSVCRT_fopen(const char *pa
       FIXME(":unknown flag %c not supported\n",mode[-1]);
-  fd = _open(path, flags);
+  fd = _open(path, flags, _S_IREAD | _S_IWRITE);
   if (fd < 0)
     return NULL;

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