WIne help - get rid of W->A calls

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sat Sep 6 01:13:43 CDT 2003

hatky wrote:
> My first patch, so a deep check is welcome
> Change log:
>     - Remove W->A call from WineHelpA/W
>     - This patch is dedicated to dimi that guided me

I'm afraid the patch is wrong.
the current implentation of WinHelp, which sends data from any app to 
the program winhelp, requires that the data block passed between those 
two apps encodes strings in ASCII, not unicode.
Your patch modifies the sender so that it encodes in Unicode, but the 
receiver is left untouched.

I'd suggest anyway that we remain as close as possible as Windows do.
- we don't completly handle this protocol as Windows do (Windows send a 
WM_HELP - registered - message, we only use a WM_COPYDATA), but the 
format of the message (parameter block) is quite the same (we just add 
some extra fields to ensure that we don't mess with a spurious 
WM_COPYDATA message in winhelp).
- as Windows encode strings in this message block in ASCII, I'd suggest 
keeping the encoding of strings inside the message as ASCII.

Eric Pouech

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