[DSHOW-08] IMemAllocator and IMediaSample implementation

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Sep 8 19:17:43 CDT 2003


Yes, I am still working on DirectShow and here is a little progress report. I 
have the AVI Splitter and Video Renderer filters functioning, but I am 
working on cleaning them up and making sure they work correctly in all cases. 
I am also working on implementing helper classes like these two in this patch.

This patch implements the IMemAllocator and IMediaSample interfaces which are 
exposed through CLSID_MemoryAllocator. The implementation allocates memory 
for samples using VirtualAlloc, which is the same as the native version 
according to my DirectX SDK documentation and testing which shows that the 
alignment is set to the system page size. I have copied the header 
wine/server/list.h in order to implement the freeing and issuing of media 
samples with the minimum amount of effort. I hope this is ok, but people 
should let me know if they have a better solution than duplicating the code 
like this.

- Implement IMemAllocator and IMediaSample

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