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Tue Sep 9 21:04:10 CDT 2003

Hi there,

I don't have or use any windows installation or compilers, but as a wine 
user and openssl developer I was curious anyway about how well win32 
versions of openssl programs and libraries would function under wine. It 
turns out that the PRNG polling touches on some system monitoring 
functions for additional sources of entropy, and these were generating 
some exceptions.

So this just adds two stub functions that cause openssl to work (the error 
values returned from these two stub functions prevent the oodles of other 
functions from being used). This should help not only openssl programs 
(and scripts that use them), but also any win32 programs that depend on 
openssl DLLs.

Changelog (NetStatisticsGet):
- Add a stub for NetStatisticsGet

Changelog (Heap32ListFirst):
- Add a stub for Heap32ListFirst


PS: the types added with NetStatisticsGet are not used, but will be needed 
if the stub is later implemented. The structure definitions in both 
patches were taken from msdn's online API reference - so don't commit if 
this is a violation of any legal fineprint.

PS2: I could have added stubs for the other Heap32<foo> functions too, but 
after doing the first one (and learning a little about the ntdll/kernel 
build) everything worked. Should I send stubs for the rest too?

Geoff Thorpe
geoff at

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