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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Sep 12 06:08:13 CDT 2003

Since my patch to add a reference to a CSS file in default.dsl has not
yet been applied, I'm submitting this patch which hopefully will be less
controversial and is useful in its own right anyway.

What I did is generate the doc and then remove the 'systemitem' and
'empty-sosofo' parts of default.dsl. I generated the doc again and
analyzed the differences. The only difference is in the debugger.html
file and comes about because we do this:

  on <systemitem class="systemname"></systemitem>

Now there's really no reason why we should put the above in
debugger.sgml rather than simply link to the winsite's web page.

  on <ulink url=""></>

So I modified debugger.sgml and simplified default.dsl.


 * documentation/debugger.sgml,

   Removed reference to 'systemname' and added a link to winsite in
   Remove cruft from default.dsl. Add comments explaining what our other
settings do

Index: documentation/debugger.sgml
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/documentation/debugger.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.24
diff -u -r1.24 debugger.sgml
--- documentation/debugger.sgml	21 Jul 2003 22:42:50 -0000	1.24
+++ documentation/debugger.sgml	12 Sep 2003 10:36:39 -0000
@@ -490,15 +490,15 @@
           The best, freely available, disassembler for Win16 programs is
           <application>Windows Codeback</application>, archive name
-          <filename></filename>, which usually can be found in
-          the <filename>Cica-Mirror</filename> subdirectory on the Wine
-          ftp sites. (See <filename>ANNOUNCE</filename>).
+          <filename></> (e.g. <filename></>), which
+          usually can be found in the <filename>Cica-Mirror</filename>
+          subdirectory on the Wine ftp sites. (See <filename>ANNOUNCE</>).
           Disassembling win32 programs is possible using
-          <application>Windows Disassembler 32</application>, archive name
-          something like <filename></filename> (or similar)
-          on <systemitem class="systemname"></systemitem>
+          <application>Windows Disassembler 32</>. Look for
+          a file called <filename></> (or similar)
+          on <ulink url=""></>
           and mirrors.  The shareware version does not allow saving of
           disassembly listings. You can also use the newer (and in the
           full version better) <application>Interactive
Index: documentation/default.dsl
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/documentation/default.dsl,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 default.dsl
--- documentation/default.dsl	13 Dec 2000 21:52:37 -0000	1.1
+++ documentation/default.dsl	12 Sep 2003 10:36:39 -0000
@@ -7,15 +7,21 @@
 <style-specification id="html" use="docbook">

+; Use the section id as the filename rather than
+; cryptic filenames like x1547.html
 (define %use-id-as-filename% #t)
-(define %html-ext% ".html")
-(define %html-header-tags% '())
+; Repeat the section number in each section to make it easier
+; when browsing the doc
+(define %section-autolabel% #t)

 ;;(define %stylesheet% "../../winehq.css")
 ;;(define %stylesheet-type% "text/css")

+; All that remains is to hard-code various aspects of the look and feel
+; (colors, italics, etc.)
 (define %shade-verbatim% #t)
-(define %section-autolabel% #t)

 ;; Customize the body tag color attributes
 (define %body-attr%
@@ -36,33 +41,6 @@
    ;(list "BGCOLOR" "#FFD39B")  ; burlywood1 (tan)
    ;(list "BGCOLOR" "#FFE7BA")  ; wheat1 (light tan)
    (list "WIDTH" ($table-width$))))
-;; Customize systemitem element to have different formatting, according
-;; to which class attribute it contains.
-(element systemitem
-  (let ((class (attribute-string (normalize "class"))))
-    (cond
-     ((equal? class (normalize "systemname")) ($italic-mono-seq$))
-     ((equal? class (normalize "constant")) ($mono-seq$))
-     (else ($charseq$)))))
-;; Okay, this is a little tricky.  By default, it appears that setinfo is
-;; completely turned off (with empty-sosofo).  The setinfo title is extracted
-;; through some other means, so we can ignore it when we process the setinfo
-;; below.
-;; Process setinfo element
-(element setinfo (process-children))
-;; Ignore title element -- otherwise it'll appear alongside the releaseinfo
-;; element.  If we add any other elements to setinfo, we'll have to blank them
-;; out here, also.
-(element (setinfo title)
-  (empty-sosofo))
-;; Enclose releaseinfo element in italics
-(element (setinfo releaseinfo)
-;  (make element gi: "i"
-;  (process-children)))
-  (process-children))


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