huge download in cvs-regression.sgml

Richard Cohen richard.cohen at
Tue Sep 23 12:18:58 CDT 2003

Dimi, I don't know if this page is one of the CVS bits you want to get 
rid of...

IMO we shouldn't be asking people to download 40M files just to trace a 
regression - much better just to use cvs.winehq.

On dialup, the download will take 2 1/2 hrs - it is hard to see a 
succession of little trips to cvs.winehq adding up to anything like 
that.  On broadband the situation is proportionally better, of course, 
but is the cvs server really so overloaded ?

Unless anyone objects, I'll submit a patch removing this suggestion to 
make a huge download.

	+ "wine-cvsdirs" should be "full-cvs"
	+ Unnecessary 'cd'

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diff -u -r documentation/cvs-regression.sgml documentation/cvs-regression.sgml
--- documentation/cvs-regression.sgml	2003-09-23 09:01:37.000000000 +0100
+++ documentation/cvs-regression.sgml	2003-09-23 18:16:00.000000000 +0100
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
           Get the <quote>full CVS</quote> archive from winehq. This archive is
           the CVS tree but with the tags controlling the versioning
           system. It's a big file (> 40 meg) with a name like
-          wine-cvsdirs-&lt;last update date> (it's more than 100mb
+          full-cvs-&lt;last update date> (it's more than 100mb
           when uncompressed, you can't very well do this with
           small, old computers or slow Internet connections).
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
           untar it into a repository directory:
 cd /home/gerard
-tar -zxf cvs-dirs-2003-01-15.tar.gz
+tar -zxf full-cvs-2003-08-18.tar.gz
 mv wine repository
@@ -39,14 +39,13 @@
 cd /home/gerard
 mv wine wine_current (-> this protects your current wine sandbox, if any)
 export CVSROOT=/home/gerard/repository
-cd /home/gerard
 cvs -d $CVSROOT checkout wine
           Note that it's not possible to do a checkout at a given
           date; you always do the checkout for the last date where
-          the wine-cvsdirs-xxx snapshot was generated.
+          the full-cvs-xxx snapshot was generated.
           Note also that it is possible to do all this with a direct

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