ddraw.txt and gui

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Fri Sep 26 20:56:00 CDT 2003


We have two files (ddraw.txt and gui) in documentation/ that
should be moved closer to the code they document.

So, I suggest the following:

cp documentation/ddraw.txt dlls/ddraw/README
cvs rm -f documentation/ddraw.txt
cvs add dlls/ddraw/README
cvs ci -m "Rename documentation/ddraw.txt to dlls/ddraw/README"

cp documentation/gui dlls/user/WINDOW-MANAGEMENT
cvs rm -f documentation/gui
cvs add dlls/user/WINDOW-MANAGEMENT
cvs ci -m "Rename documentation/gui to dlls/user/WINDOW-MANAGEMENT"

For the gui, I'm not sure if it would fit better somewhere
else, or if you can come up with a better name, or if we
should just merge it into a .c file (it is kinda big for
that though), or even add the message traces in the comments
for each of the functions they document (having them all
in one file is also helpful, as it gives a nice summary
about how and when these messages are sent).


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