Handling dialog messages for non-template based dialogs

Santosh Siddheshwar santosh.s at sonata-software.com
Tue Apr 13 07:16:06 CDT 2004

Current WINE implementation doesnt properly handle dialog messages for
dialogs created without using templates. This is 
because the DIALOGINFO structure is being allocated in the
DIALOG_CreateIndirect method and this method will never get
invoked for non-template based dialogs. To avoid this added the code for
allocation of DIALOGINFO structure to WM_CREATE
message in the DefDlgProc and removed it from DIALOG_CreateIndirect. By
doing this the following messages can be handled
by non-template dialogs - DM_SETDEFID, DM_GETDEFID and WM_NEXTDLGCTL. This
missing functionality of WINE was
detected when testing with Gupta Technologies product (SQLWindows).

Change Log:
windows/defdlg.c - Added code for allocating DIALOGINFO structure and
storing it as an attribute of the window
windows/dialog.c - Removed code for allocating DIALOGINFO structure and
moved initialization of DIALOGINFO structure
to after CreateWindowEx has been called.

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