Remove debugmsg from guides

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Mon Apr 26 12:34:23 CDT 2004

> I think most should just change from debugmsg -> debug
Done in this patch.
> Please provide only one .diff file. Multiple diffs are
>  not necessary, and makes reviewing and applying so much
>  more difficult.
> It would be nice if the diff would be either inlined
> or attached as text/plain.
attaching as text/plain can't be done for various reasons, so I'll both attach
and inline.


--- wine/documentation/configuring.sgml	2004-04-22 19:47:35.000000000 +0100
+++ new/documentation/configuring.sgml	2004-04-26 19:27:42.703118744 +0100
@@ -2800,7 +2800,7 @@
           calling code and the Unix ODBC library.
-          If you have any problems then you can use the debugmsg channel
+          If you have any problems then you can use the debug channel
           odbc32 to trace what is happening.  One word of warning.  Some
           programs actually cheat a little and bypass the ODBC library.  For
           example the Crystal Reports engine goes to the registry to check on

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