SetCalendarInfoA and SetCalendarInfoW implementations

Wililam computerman413 at
Wed Apr 28 15:38:49 CDT 2004

	I have implemented the SetCalendarInfoA and SetCalendarInfoW API
functions in dlls/kernel/time.c. I am aware that you generally do not like it
when more than 1 thing is changed, but SetCalendarInfoA is not much more than 
call to SetCalendarInfoW. I am also curious as to why both functions were 
as stdcalls rather than stubs when they were both stubs in the source file.

I have enclosed the patch for the file against the latest source package.

Here is the ChangeLog entry (I didn't patch the ChangeLog file):

* dlls/kernel/time.c
William Lahti <computerman413 at>

- Implemented the SetCalendarInfoA and SetCalendarInfoW APIs.

Sincerely yours,

William Lahti

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