PATCH: wineps/download.c

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sun Aug 1 11:53:02 CDT 2004


gcc 3.5 complains about:

download.c: In function `PSDRV_WriteSetDownloadFont':
download.c:177: Warnung: 'emsize' may be used uninitialized in this function

And it is right, we were not checking a return of get_boox(). This will
in real life not happen, but anyway, silence the warning.

Not that it helps, almost all callers in the calltree do not check the
return values of any returned function either. :/

Ciao, Marcus

	Check returnvalue of get_bbox().

Index: dlls/wineps/download.c
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/dlls/wineps/download.c,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -r1.11 download.c
--- dlls/wineps/download.c	4 May 2004 04:13:06 -0000	1.11
+++ dlls/wineps/download.c	1 Aug 2004 16:41:48 -0000
@@ -181,7 +181,8 @@
 	strcpy(pdl->ps_name, ps_name);
 	pdl->next = NULL;
-        get_bbox(physDev, &bbox, &emsize);
+        if (!get_bbox(physDev, &bbox, &emsize))
+		return FALSE;
             PSDRV_EmptyDownloadList(physDev, TRUE);

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