patch: shell32.dll - SHELL_ArgifyW expands env-vars

Jens Collin jens.collin at
Sun Aug 8 11:40:22 CDT 2004

Hi Steven,

yes, that's why I only merged enough to solve the problem to ros, and
not the whole lib :)
I'll see what I can do on regressiontests.

/ Jens

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Subject: Re: patch: shell32.dll - SHELL_ArgifyW expands env-vars

Hi Jens,

--- Jens Collin <jens.collin at> wrote:
> * lookup of envoronment-vars in SHELL_ArgifyW in shell32.dll added.
> (Such as %SystemRoot%).

Do you think you could write some test cases for the shellexecute
functions using the wine regression tests? I would like to try and
merge the rest of shell32 in to ReactOS but am worried that we may
overwrite fixes Martin made in the ReactOS tree.


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