New Czech resources

David Kredba kredba at
Sun Aug 15 15:31:52 CDT 2004

Hello all.

There is attached patch with Czech resources for wine dlls.

Includes avifil32, comctl32, mpr, msacm, msrle32, oledlg,
serialui, setupapi, wineps, wininet and winmm localization
and needed changes in rc files.

Diff over todays evening tree.


Added : dlls/avifil32/avifile_Cs.rc (and #include "avifile_Cs.rc"
to dlls/avifil32/rsrc.rc)

Added : dlls/comctl32/comctl_Cs.rc (and #include "comctl_Cs.rc"
to dlls/comctl32/rsrc.rc)

Added : dlls/mpr/mpr/mpr_Cs.rc (and #include "mpr_Cs.rc"
to dlls/mpr/mpr.rc)

Added : dlls/msacm/msacm_Cs.rc (and #include "msacm_Cs.rc"
to dlls/msacm/msacm.rc)

Added : dlls/msrle32/msrle_Cs.rc (and #include "msrle_Cs.rc"
to dlls/msrle32/rsrc.rc)

Added : dlls/oledlg/oledlg_Cs.rc (and #include "oledlg_Cs.rc"
to dlls/oledlg/rsrc.rc)

Added : dlls/serialui/Cs.rc (and #include "Cs.rc"
to dlls/serialui/serialui_rc.rc)

Added : dlls/setupapi/Cs.rc (and #include "Cs.rc"
to dlls/setupapi/setupapi.rc)

Added : dlls/wineps/wps_Cs.rc (and #include "wps_Cs.rc"
to dlls/wineps/rsrc.rc)

Added : dlls/wininet/wininet_Cs.rc (and #include "wininet_Cs.rc"
to dlls/wininet/rsrc.rc)

Added : dlls/winmm/winmm_Cs.rc (and #include "winmm_Cs.rc"
to dlls/winmm/winmm_res.rc)

Regards, David

David Kredba  <kredba at>
GPG: ID 1024D/5B6B02DE
Fingerprint: F0B3312596BEDCF91DFB 0699E06AACD75B6B02DE
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