Fwd: provider type of Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0

Michael Jung mjung at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Aug 16 03:37:14 CDT 2004

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Subject: provider type of Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0
Date: Monday 16 August 2004 00:56
From: James Hawkins <truiken at gmail.com>
To: wine-devel at winehq.org


    If you run regedit in wine and view the following key:

Types\Type 001

Type 001 does not have a "TypeName" value.  Should Type 001 have a
"TypeName" value?  CryptEnumProviderTypes calls RegQueryValueEx on
this value to see what the provider type is, but fails (but not in an
obvious way).  Should RegQueryValueEx return an error code describing
that there is no such value?  If so, what is the error code/name?

James Hawkins


this value should be registered by rsabase.dll, which the appended patch does 

Rob: I hope that's ok for you.


	Register TypeName registry key value
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