ddk/ntddk.h (alternative 2)

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Tue Aug 31 10:59:51 CDT 2004

Alternative 2 is to duplicated the needed declarations into rtlbitmap.c
and include neither winternl.h or ntddk.h.

With this option drop the dependency on the MS DDK while still running
tests. Unfortunately testing RtlCheckBit is pretty meaningless as we
have to duplicate the inline definition (it's not exported by ntdll.dll
as far as I can see). Also it means we don't use the Microsoft headers
and thus won't know if stuff changes.


 * dlls/ntdll/tests/rtlbitmap.c

   Duplicate the RTL_BITMAP, RTL_BITMAP_RUN and RtlCheckBit definitions
so this test compiles and runs with the Microsoft SDK headers.

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