SHELL32: stub implementations

Hans Leidekker hans at
Thu Dec 23 04:06:02 CST 2004

I checked all spec file stubs in shell32 against MSDN and converted the
ones that are documented to implementation level stubs.


  Stub implementations for SHUpdateImageA, SHHandleUpdateImage,
    SHObjectProperties, SHGetNewLinkInfo{A,W}, SHStartNetConnectionDialog,
    SHEmptyRecycleBin{A,W}, SHFormatDrive, SHQueryRecycleBin{A,W}.
  'HeapAlloc can fail' fix for ExtractIconExA.
  Implement ExtractAssociatedIconA -> W.
  Correct prototype for SHObjectProperties.
  Forward SHGetNewLinkInfo to SHGetNewLinkInfoA.
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