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Mon Jul 12 08:00:12 CDT 2004

On Saturday 10 July 2004 20:15, Mike McCormack wrote:

> Consider adding "msi" = "native, builtin" to your Wine configuration 
> files, and not installing the MSI redistributables straight away when 
> you encounter an installer that uses msi.dll :)  Let us know what bugs 
> that turns up.

When I do this:

 WINEDEBUG="trace+msi" WINEDLLOVERRIDES="msi=b" wine msiexec /i tippfix.msi

msi seems to loop endlessly. These are the first lines of the trace. Notice
the second line showing a single space command line string:

 trace:msi:MsiSetInternalUI 00000005 (nil)
 trace:msi:MsiInstallProductA "tippfix.msi" " "
 fixme:msi:MsiInstallProductW L"tippfix.msi" L" "
 trace:msi:MsiVerifyPackageW L"tippfix.msi"
 trace:msi:MsiOpenDatabaseW L"tippfix.msi" (null) 0x197fe6ac
 trace:msi:MSI_OpenDatabaseW L"tippfix.msi" (null)

Later, when the command line is searched for property/value pairs, the trace
shows this:

 trace:msi:ACTION_DoTopLevelINSTALL Looking at L" "
 trace:msi:ACTION_DoTopLevelINSTALL Found commandline property (L"\ffff\ffff") = (L"\deb0\197f\5ce6\1aa0\0f00\4fcc\87c7
 trace:msi:MSI_SetPropertyW Setting property (L"\ffff\ffff" L"\deb0\197f\5ce6\1aa0\0f00\4fcc\87c7\1aa0\dea4\197fC\197f\
 trace:msi:MSI_DatabaseOpenViewW L"select Value from _Property where _Property=`\ffff\ffff`" 0x197fcbc8

Clear signs of uninitialised memory being used. The patch below fixes this
and also strips any leading whitespace off the property name.


  Fix command line parsing.

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